Hi! Iā€™m Aly!

I've spent most of my life in Charleston, SC, where I currently reside and continue to create art in any way I can. Art class was always my favorite time of the day in high school, and that led me to eventually joining Clemson's Graphic Communications program to pursue my degree focusing on graphic design, print, packaging, and marketing. I work full time as a graphic designer and spend the majority of my free time growing my personal art business and sharpening my skills.

I strive to create things that make people happy. In an otherwise dull world, I turn to elements that are fun: rainbows, glitter, and iridescent surfaces are a few of my favorite things. A lot of my pieces spark that inner nostalgia from childhood that still keeps me going today and my hope is to reignite that same inspiration within people around me so they can remember that growing up doesn't have to be boring.